Looking to overvcome the stress and anxiety of healthcare?

Join our exclusive, 8-week wellness coaching bootcamp! Receive coaching on how to leverage comprehensive wellness principles to effectively deal with the Imposter Syndrome, pressures and anxieties of your healthcare profession!


Did you know that 58% of on-the-job performance is tied to Emotional Intelligence?

-Dr. Travis Bradberry

Learn how to leverage the intangibles to build tangible outcomes.


You can live optimally within high-stake environments!

Learn and receive coaching on comprehensive wellness principles to:

  • Build Higher Constructive Energy levels
  • Improve your Self, Social, and Situational Awareness
  • Adapt/Monitor your Stress and Anxiety Levels
  • Build Healthy Routine and Wellness Habits
  • Reduce Performance Anxiety & Imposter Syndrome
  • Improve your Influence and Decision-making

Yes, you can overcome the heaviness!

In our Wellevation Healthcare Bootcamp, you’ll learn how to consistently achieve optimal living.


In 8 Weeks, You Will…

  • Improve your Emotional, Relational and Leadership Awareness & Stability 

  • Develop Healthy Response Strategies to Stress & Anxiety
  • Improve your Individual and Team Productivity
  • Increase Influence & Impact of your Leadership
  • Improve Work-life Balance & Well-being 

Consistent comprehensive wellness can make all the difference. We’ll enable you to thrive both personally and professionally in our Wellevation Healthcare Coaching Bootcamp.


Wellevation Healthcare Coaching Bootcamp


Are You Ready to Transform your Ability to Handle Healthcare Pressures?

This 8-week wellness coaching bootcamp will coach you on everything you need to know to consistently exhibit optimal intelligence, despite life and workplace stressors. We will cover:

  • Energy Consciousness Levels
  • Stress Management
  • Personal Wellness
  • Productivity
  • Optimal Leadership

With a simple shift in your mindset and smart comprehensive wellness practices, you can begin to consistently overcome healthcare pressures and start living a life of emotional and relational stability, both personally and professionally.

What's Included In The Bootcamp...


Energy Leadership Index Assessment

How well you handle stress is determined by how well you leverage your energy - both require awareness. Receive coaching on actionable steps you can take to improve your Emotional Intelligence.

  • Become more aware of how your energy affects your output, decision making, and your ability to manage stress
  • Experience transformations in your relationships and confidence level, despite workplace demands and issues
  • Improve your emotional intelligence and awareness of others' to lead effectively
  • Leverage your insights to develop your personal life and improve professional contributions

With this assessment, you’ll begin to gain a clear depiction of what optimal living and the journey towards it looks like for you. 


4 Group Coaching Sessions

With your assessment completed, the next step is to begin a 4-week group coaching curriculum (four 90-minute sessions) to learn and apply comprehensive wellness principles that correspond to your data insights. You’ll learn and be coached on:

  • How to maintain awareness of your energy levels
  • How to manage/respond to Imposter Syndrome, stress and anxiety
  • How to leverage your awareness of self to determine ideal personal wellness approaches
  • How to leverage your awareness to improve your productivity individually and in a team setting
  • How to enhance and employ your self, social, and situational leadership

You’ll finish this course with a savings goal and a plan to make it a reality.


Private Coaching Community

A big secret to achieving continual growth is through a community of like-minded healthcare professionals. In our Wellevation Healthcare Community, you’ll receive the following over the course of 8 weeks:

  • Community challenges, assignments, and reflection activities
  • Personal and group coaching check-ins
  • Meditation and visualization exercises
  • Live coaching Q&A forum

You’ll enjoy the benefits of this coaching community for up to 1 year.


4 Bi-weekly Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions

For many, the immediate goal is an initial, tangible change. However, for all, the goal should be true life transformation - and that is a continual journey. In our private 1:1 coaching offering, we ensure a minimum of 4 sessions (spread over a 8-week period) that include:

  • Committed coaching to the comprehensive wellness principles 
  • Goal setting and situational coaching per client needs
  • Concierge "Just-in-time" coaching and responses

You’ll gain continual private coaching reinforcement and support during the bootcamp.


Wellevation Coaching Course

Coaching and convenience can coexist together. With our Coaching-on-the-go offering, enjoy our self-paced coaching on comprehensive wellness. With this course you’ll receive:

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly coaching modules on comprehensive wellness
  • Two-way recap chat discussions per module between coach and client
  • Unlimited viewing of 24+ modules at your leisure

Emergency Single/Family Therapy Session (upon request)

Sometimes transformation can mean confronting current or past traumas. Because of this reality, we recognize the importance of having therapeutic representation in our bootcamp. We have a practicing therapist in training in the state of California that offers virtual services that span from psychodynamic to cognitive behavioral therapy.

This offering is for urgent purposes only and is available upon approved request. The goal of this offering is to help an individual transition from dysfunctional to functional, while our coaching bootcamp is designed to transition an individual from functional to optimal.

This Bootcamp Is For You If...

  • You are consistently overwhelmed
  • You are on the verge of meltdown due to stress, anxiety, or pressure
  • You need better on-the-job performance, despite work stressors
  • You feel stuck in your healthcare profession
  • Your personal life is suffering due to work demands
  • You want to improve your emotional, relational & leadership intelligence

I'm Danille Williams

Danille Williams, MBA, PCC, ELI-MP, is the proud owner of Trinity Breakthrough Coaching, as a woman-owned business in the mindfulness, wellness and coaching industry. With 20+ years of experience, she is an expert in helping professionals find the missing peace, purpose and power in their lives and careers. 

Danille and her team specialize in coaching healthcare providers. She understands the mental, emotional, and relational toll that healthcare demands and pressures can have on physicians, first responders and the like. This is why she makes it her mission to offer this bootcamp to all healthcare professionals willing to incur transformational change. When they change, the world is impacted for the better. 


“This bootcamp brought awareness to my energy levels. I consider myself a positive person and was completely surprised when the assessment results showed that I was in the lowest energy level possible. I am now working to flip the script and turn the corner to a more positive energy level. I now have tools to help me focus on what is truly important and to set boundaries that allow me to spend time doing things that will help me reach my soul goal.”

- Diana P. (November '22 Bootcamp Client)

“It's helped me to name things/actions/thoughts I was having, and which by doing so, has reintroduced me behaviors I need to be doing and or practicing to help me live better and by living better, I am better equipped to help others. That is huge! Thank you!”

- Gina M. (November '22 Bootcamp Client)

“(This bootcamp meant) so much!! I have gleaned information about myself, about my family members and about those I work with that was applicable right away which is soooo helpful.”

- Ibari A. (November '22 Bootcamp Client)


Wellevation Healthcare Coaching Bootcamp

Program availability starts in January 2024! 

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